Welcome to Keik

Step into the sweet world of Keik, where dreams are baked to perfection, and every bite tells a story of passion and determination.


Meet Wilfredo and Alejandra

the duo behind this culinary haven, whose friendship blossomed in the heat of a Miami kitchen.

Keik sprouted from the fertile soil of their lifelong dream, nurtured during the uncertain days of March 2020. In the midst of a pandemic, Ale and Wil dared to dream in pink, envisioning a concept that would leave an indelible mark on Miami's vibrant culinary scene.

For Wilfredo, baking has been a lifelong passion, tracing back to his childhood in Venezuela. Meanwhile, Alejandra's allure of entrepreneurship beckoned her to the land of possibilities, the United States. Then, Pedro and Carla joined as partners to help accelerate Keik’s growth.

Fate brought them together in a Miami kitchen, where their bond deepened amidst the creation of countless desserts for various restaurants in Florida.

Best friends forged through shared experiences, Ale and Wil discovered that their combined talents could turn dreams into reality. Wilfredo's creative genius gave birth to Keik's unique menu, colors, and concept, while Alejandra's unwavering commitment and business acumen provided the foundation for their success.

From a modest beginning in the heart of Brickell, Keik has evolved into a culinary gem nestled in Doral. What started with cakes has blossomed into a delectable menu featuring breakfast, brunch, and dinner options.

The warmth of public acceptance fueled their growth, prompting a move to a more prominent location to accommodate the expanding Keik family.


The Sweet Aroma of Success

Today, Keik stands tall as a pink paradise, a testament to the dreams woven into each delectable creation. But this is just the beginning. The sweet aroma of success wafts through the air, heralding the imminent opening of two more Keik locations in Coral Gables and Pembroke Pines.

Join us on this irresistible journey, where the love for desserts meets the art of business, and dreams are not just baked – they're savored, shared, and celebrated.

Welcome to the sweet symphony of Keik, where every moment is a delicious chapter in our story.